Soon, Facebook will appear with Dark Mode… Finally!

Image Source: Wccftech

According to the reports, Facebook was researching on its dark mode mobile version app. this may be good for the Facebook users around the globe that they wouldn’t have to log in through the desktops to get the Dark Mode as Facebook may update its mobile app with the feature very soon.

Facebook has confirmed to SocialMediaToday that the dark mode is under testing and may hit soon the stores. According to the representative, the feature is available for a “small percentage” of users globally. However, Facebook Lite is already running well with dark mode.

The organization has just carried dark mode to its various apps, including Instagram, Messenger, and Whatsapp. It’s not sure why the main app is the toward the end in line, however, SMT noticed that Facebook has countless users (3 billion are active over its different apps monthly). It would bode well for Facebook to be wary about turning out dark mode in its core app when any bugs or design issues could affect its users.

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