New Xbox One update lets you alter the sequence for your Guide tabs

Xbox Series X
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You’ll additionally observe live thumbnails when browsing Mixer streams

Microsoft has launched a new Xbox One update that carries various changes to the Guide menu, which gives you speedy access to things like your companions rundown, messaging, and accomplishments. The greatest change is that you would now be able to reorder your Guide tabs, which should make it simpler to alter your Guide such that’s best for you. Microsoft first reviewed the new Guide in April.

The refreshed Guide has a new default left-to-right order and fewer tabs that solidify a few features. The new “Parties & Chats” tab puts Parties, invites, and messages all into the same tab, for instance. Also, if you need to modify the sequence for your tabs, you can do as such by choosing “Customize guide tabs” on the “Profile and System” menu.

You can get a preview at a portion of the new Guide tabs in below gallery:

Microsoft has additionally updated the Xbox Live Community page, separating it into four channels: shared by companions, official posts from games, club activities, and famous on Xbox Live. The update likewise gives you better approaches to channel your game assortment and shows you live thumbnails while you’re browsing through Mixer streams.

The changes come as Microsoft gets ready for the launch of Xbox Series X this holiday. Microsoft hasn’t flaunted the full Xbox Series X dashboard right now, yet in a couple of teasers, it looks fundamentally the same as what’s available on the Xbox One.

Xbox Series X
Image Source: Xbox Series X dashboard in Microsoft’s recent videos

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