Playstation VS Xbox: It seems Xbox already winning the race

Image Source: Business Insider

Valve Co-Founder has already reveled about the best superior console.

The Xbox Series X and PS5 are on the same parallel track in this holiday, and Sony is fully covered with its reports and expecting to deliver 120 – 170 million units during the time.

According to the sources, the numbers are almost double of the Xbox series X, but Valve co-founder Gabe Newell has opened an unexpected in this console war and declared Xbox Series X already a winner.

Newell went to New Zealand for vacations before the pandemic and decided to stay there. In the interview with The Project NZ, he was asked about the consoles and performance. and Newell answered Xbox Series X without any hesitation.

When asked the reason, he replied, “Because it is. I don’t have a stake in that race. Obviously, we do most of our development on personal computers so… But of the two, I would definitely go with an Xbox.”

Anyways, both consoles having their own audiences and selling points, apart, Sony PS5 has also reached the great level and people around the world are waiting to hold it. no matter what Newell says.

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