Radical Samsung Galaxy Note 20 structure change confirmed

Image Source: TechSpot

Samsung’s own leakster-in-boss just added some enormous Note 20 news

We previously had a suspicion that the Galaxy Note 20 would be Samsung’s first S Pen-toting phone to have a flat-screen since the Galaxy Note 5, because of the main cases came on Alibaba. Presently our hunch has been advocated by productive leaker Iceuniverse.

The leaker with a solid skill of getting his forecasts hit into tweeted: “Aristotle said: The earth is round. Icecat said: Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is flat.”

That appears to be a marginally detailed method of saying what we previously suspected. As opposed to having the curved edges on the screen, the Galaxy Note 20 will be flat.

To be completely forthright, while it without a doubt looks somewhat less attractive, this is a change we’re very glad to get behind. Not exclusively do curved edges make a cell phone that bit increasingly defenseless against drops and costly fixes, however, Samsung has truly attempted to justify the existence of curved glass from an ease of use perspective.

With the S6 Edge, Samsung pushed the curved edge as an approach to see notifications and access applications rapidly, however, it wasn’t any better than simply utilizing the flat screen. Presently the curve is on most Samsung leader phones, it’s simply recognized as something to look wash, instead of offering any genuine ease of use benefits.

However, despite everything speculate you’ll have the option to purchase a surprising Note 20 if that is your desire. The Alibaba leak above indicated a second case which recommends a curved screen will even now be available and right on the Note 20 Plus. Given Samsung kneecapped the less expensive Note 10 by evacuating the 2K screen and microSD card of past releases while leaving them on the Note 10 Plus, it wouldn’t be amazing if this was simply one more method of pushing purchasers to push more money on a more costly Note 20.

We don’t have too long to even think about waiting to discover without a doubt. The following Unpacked event, where we hope to see Note 20 with new Galaxy Watches and a Galaxy Fold 2 is rumored to be on August 5. So only 54 days to wait.

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