Sony may hold a PS5 launch event in June

Sony Playstation 5 Wireless Controller
Image Source: Bloomberg

Sony is preparing for the launch of its new and most rumored gaming monster Playstation 5 online.

The event may take place coming week according to Bloomberg. which referred to anonymous sources with direct information. It’s as of now set for 3 June, however Bloomberg notes “plans have been in motion and that the day may change”.

Evidently, the event will be games-centered and won’t “uncover each fundamental detail” on the upcoming console. More events may follow in the coming months. Apparently, Sony will utilize those events to speak explicitly about the console. Up until this point, the organization has confirmed the PlayStation 5’s specs, a logo, and a wireless controller. It has not yet indicated the PS5.

If we needed to figure, Sony won’t preview the PlayStation 5 during the following week’s supposed event. Rather, we’ll likely find out about upcoming games.

Remember Sony commonly introduces its lead gaming console in November.

The PlayStation 5 is relied upon to include, in addition to other things, a custom eight-core AMD Zen 2 CPU (3.5GHz with variable frequency) and a custom GPU that depends on AMD RDNA 2 architecture hardware (10.28 teraflops and 36 figure units; 2.23GHz with variable frequency).

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